Outinnovate Competitors. Win Customers.

Accelerate Innovation

Innovate Faster. Safer.

XCOR provided plug & play R&D labs for digital products. We help organizations accelerate the development of tech-based ideas, maximize ROI on technology projects, and protect technology budgets.




Ideas to profits.

In no-time.

Boards are under increasing pressure to innovate. But internal teams they rely on are constantly sucked into day-to-day operations, leaving no time for innovation. This puts innovation on-hold and leaves your company trailing competitors.  XCOR helps you stay ahead — by assigning a tech-savvy, board-level 'Innovations Team' — to plug internal shortages and keep innovation on schedule. We you turn great tech-based ideas into profits & happy customers – in no time.

Run like a startup.

Become the disruptor.

XCOR attaches plug and play R&D labs for your digital products to you organization. Each XCOR unit forms an XCOR Accelerator. XCOR Accelerators comprise a wide-range of avant-garde resources you can choose from. These include Ideators, Consumer & Market Researchers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Technology Architects &, Engineers. These Accelerators provide a full-range of  research & development services to help you quickly build products & services your customers love.


Plug n' Play Innovation

XCOR takes the heavy lifting out of finding and acquiring great talent for your innovation projects.


Spend less time looking for, recruiting, and retaining top talent, and more time delivering game-changing innovations.





Cognitive Computing

Invent tomorrow. Today.

XCOR elevates your business to a whole new level of performance and profitability. We use our passion and experience in next-generation technologies to help you disrupt markets, gain the lead, and maintain it.



Machine Learning

Mobile Apps


Cloud Computing

Finally. Unbiased technology concierge.

Vendor neutral results.

XCOR Accelerators are vendor neutral. We provide you with unbiased, vendor-neutral advise & services – ensuring you always make choices that work best for you and your business.


Advise & Insights




Technology Architecture


UX/UI Designs


Investment Analysis


Technology Strategy


Vendor Evaluation


Bill of Materials




System Pilots


Project Plans & Schedules

Track innovation progress

Deliver projects up-to 5x faster.

XCOR gives boards simple ways to track innovation pipeline. Each accelerator provides you with tracking systems, dashboards, and apps for relevant projects managed under XCOR. These tools let you monitor variances between ‘target’ and ‘actual’ completion dates plus other metrics that help you keep signature projects on track.

It starts with design.

Industrial Design and Precision Engineering are at the heart of rapid innovation and great returns. See how prioritizing design helps you launch faster, better – with greater returns.



Innovate without limits.

To keep your organization innovating at maximum speeds, we designed XCOR as a yearly subscription service. This helps you spend less time on cumbersome procurement procedures, and more time delivering time-sensitive innovations.

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