We're a technology consulting and services firm.

We help you turn great, tech-based ideas into products and services your customers love.

Light your world

Inside every one of us, is that small boy or girl who wants to make a difference. Who wants to discover, explore, fly. Who wants to change the world. But it’s hard to do this when your restless, constantly defending yourself, or fighting-fires.


We believe that true innovation happens in rest.


Seeing you fly is our passion. This is why we do everything we do.

Brief History

GOODINFO was founded in 2011 by Architects and Engineers for large-scale information systems.


We recognized the increasing role of technology in helping customers innovate but were surprised by the luck-luster returns large organizations were experiencing – despite millions of dollars in technology investments.


Conversely, we observed the excellence and high-returns that continue to be produced in age-old industries like prime construction, aerospace engineering and car manufacturing.

The difference was ‘design’. By prioritizing architecture and design, these industries have invested in ways that have moved man-kind forward – while creating unprecedented value for their employees, partners and shareholders.


Our goal is to provide technology-dependent industries with the same design-centric approach to their apps, systems, data centers and services. We couple this with advisory, consulting, strategy, outsourcing and a wide range of other services to help organizations truly 'light their worlds'.

Accelerate Innovation

Through our flagship innovation service – XCOR, we offer advisory, consulting, technology architecture, strategy, and a wide-range of other service innovations to help boards quickly turn tech-based ideas into products and services their customers will love.


Leadership & Governance

Andrew Waititu


Njeri Mbugua


James Muhoro


Maina Macharia


Duane Kithinji



Nairobi, Kenya

13th Floor, Landmark Plaza

GOODINFO is a subsidiary of the VYN Consulting Group (VCG).

VCG is headquartered in Delaware, USA, with subsidiaries in the US & Africa.

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GOODINFO is a technology consulting & services firm. We help our customers turn great, tech-based ideas into products and services their customers will love.


A subsidiary of VYN Consulting Group Inc.